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Kibo (Vizsla) started at ADL in puppy class when he was just a few months old and has now
been a regular at daycare for almost 5 years. He tells us every morning he is ready to go and
bounds out of the car to say hello to the amazing team. We consider the ADL team a part of
Kibo’s family: they take care of him on our behalf during the day and we trust them completely.
ADL is wonderful at using positive reinforcement for training while Kibo is at daycare, and they
have been extremely helpful with training tips at home. We know he is loved and he enjoys
every minute with the team. Thank you ADL!
- Annie and Bryan with Kibo

​"I started bringing my dog, Sam, to A DOG'S LIFE when he was 4 months old to puppy socials on Sunday morning. It was a great way to begin his socialization. At 7 months old, he began coming to daycare 3 days a week. From the beginning, Sam loved coming to A DOG'S LIFE. Sam is now 3 years old and on the days he goes to daycare, he starts to get excited about a mile away from the facility. We are always greeted kindly by ADL staff. At A DOG'S LIFE, Sam has become very socialized with all different kinds of dogs. He's also learned many tricks from the playgroup leaders. I have also boarded Sam at A DOG'S LIFE when my dog sitter has not been able to take care of him. When I leave him there, I know he is safe and is being well taken care of. I would highly recommend A DOG'S LIFE to anyone." 
- Carole with Sam 
“My dog, Lucca has been going to A DOG'S LIFE for basically her *entire* life. Our first puppy class was when she was just barely 8 weeks old. We continued with puppy socials, additional puppy classes and Hounds on the Town. Lucca goes to daycare twice a week and is boarded almost once a month! On top of it all she gets her nails trimmed every 6-8 weeks.
From the daycare to the boarding to everything else - I COMPLETELY trust the A DOG'S LIFE staff. For the past 3 years they've been thorough, responsible, knowledgeable, friendly and perhaps the most important aspect: they LOVE the dogs they care for each day. Whether we're going to Sunnyvale or Palo Alto - Lucca can't get out of the car fast enough to go see her (human and canine) friends at both locations. She comes home exhausted each evening and sleeps for basically days afterwards! When I go to work or leave town, I occasionally worry about Lucca and how she's doing at home by herself. But once I drop her off at A DOG'S LIFE, I barely think about her because I know she's having the time of her life and being loved at the same time. A DOG'S LIFE is a godsend and it must be mentioned that their prices are as well!
If ever I ponder moving out the area, one of the few things that slows me is A DOG'S LIFE and the thought that I'd never be able to find another place I like as well as them. But for now, we've no plans to go anywhere and Lucca is incredibly thankful for this! Thank you, A DOG'S LIFE!!”
- Lisa with Lucca


At 18 months, Max was a terrific dog but did need a little help on his social interaction with other dogs, and sometimes people too. After finding our amazing friends at A Dog’s Life, Max has become the dog that everyone hopes for... relaxed (mostly) in situations with all kinds of people, and hangs as one of the pack when around a group of familiar, or unfamiliar, dogs. I credit his progression to the very best team at A Dog’s Life , because they’re what makes this place special. The team focuses on coupling structure and the reinforcement of rules with fun playtime and interaction with other dogs.  It’s a winning combination! As an added benefit, after a day at ADL, Max is completely toast from all the fun he’s had. Thank you so much, ADL!
- Matt and Jason with Max
Our highly active border collie can't wait to get to ADL every morning, where she's greeted by friendly and familiar faces (both human and canine). She spends her days playing with her friends, playing ball, and getting lots of love from alert and caring staff. We don't know of any other daycare where Nellie could be so happy and safe.
- Arnie and Diane with Nellie

"I am a huge fan of the grooming at A DOG'S LIFE - so much so, that I'm happy to drive the extra distance to get there rather than settling for something closer to home. My Yorkies always come home happy and looking their best, and I love that the groomers remember everything about my dogs (even a month after my first visit) and are candid with suggestions. I definitely feel like my little ones are in good hands! Highly recommended!" 
- Kevin with Harry and Mika