Administrative Lead, CPCT
Team Member since September 26, 2011

Katie is from Boulder Creek, California, and has always lived with lots of animals! Growing up, she lived with three Golden Retrievers, a Bernese Mountain Dog, cats, rabbits, birds, rats and peacocks. Katie especially liked the peacocks! Katie moved to Denver, Colorado when she was eighteen and began pursuing a career with dogs. She worked at a local daycare for three years where she did basic training and bathing. She also pursued her passion for dogs outside of work by fostering dogs through a local rescue. After several years Katie decided to move back to California with her Chihuahua/Terrier/Pug mix, Tyson, and an English Mastiff, Jada. Katie says that Tyson is a big fan of California and loves to spend hours napping in the sun!

Outside of work, Katie enjoys volunteering at dog shelters, hanging out with friends, playing video games, and going to the beach. Katie hopes to continue her work with dogs by fostering, working adoption events and gaining experience with training. She also looks forward to pursuing her education in business. She says her favorite part of working at a A DOG'S LIFE is that it's "one of those jobs where you come in and everyone's excited to see you." She also loves gaining more experience with dogs and the learning opportunities that go along with spending so much time with them.

Katie is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.

May 2012





Lead, CPCT
Team Member since March 21, 2008

Cassandra has quite the history with animals! She practically grew up in a grooming shop at her mother's knee, and her family boasts a long history of dogs, cats, snakes, and rats! Cassandra also worked all four years of high school at a dog and cat grooming shop, as a receptionist, bather/ brusher, and eventual apprentice groomer. "It was there that I had my first real-world experience working with animals and I have been hooked ever since!" She has worked for ADL for over 5 years now, first as a seasonal playgroup leader in training, then as a senior playgroup leader and lobby-host. You can see her most often at ADLSV on the weekends and holidays!

She is a very recent law school graduate from University of San Francisco and her goal is be a District Attorney in the great state of California! Outside of ADL, Cassandra is a dedicated writer and reader.

What does she enjoy about ADL and working with dogs? "I am particularly partial to our training staff and the training of employees. I believe that we have one of, if not the best, trained daycare staff in the Bay Area. I have complete confidence in all of my coworker's abilities to go above and beyond what is required of them to take care of the dogs and to make sure the dogs have fun and love daycare! There are so many reasons I can think of why I love dogs. However, I think the simplest but most profound answer is unconditional love. They never judge and they love to see you every morning! Dogs, without a doubt, are the biggest pick-me-up of any bad day!"

Cassandra is a Certified Pet Care Technician through the Pet Care Services Association and has received a Certificate of Completion of CParf's Pet First Aid and CPR course.

July 2008 & December 2011





Senior Playgroup Leader, Lobby Host, CPCT
Team Member since July 3, 2011

Lauren grew up and has lived in San Jose her whole life. She went to Pioneer High School and then went on to attend college at California State University of Monterey Bay, where she is a Business Administration major with a focus on Management. Aside from work and school, Lauren has always been very artsy. She loves to paint, mostly landscapes and Alice in Wonderland themes (her favourite movie). She also loves photography, mostly of her two dogs and other dogs in general. Dogs are a huge part of her life though, as when she can, Lauren loves to just sit down and spend time with both of her dogs.

Lauren has always had animals in her life. She doesn't remember a time in which there were no animals in her life. She grew up with three cats and spent a lot of time with a friend and her Husky. She spent a lot of time with friends and families pets. She has done a lot of pet sitting for people who need someone to stay with their animals.

Currently, Lauren has two dogs that are the light of her life. Toby, a rescue, is a Welsh Corgi/Jack Russel Terrier mix. He is the first dog that she ever owned. Marley, rescued when a friend could no longer keep him, is a Black Lab/Sharpei mix. They love to play tug and fetch the tennis ball. They love to snuggle, go for walks, and see their puppy friends in the mornings. They also love to watch movies with her. Yes, they love Lady and the Tramp, Meerkat Manor, and many other shows with animals in it.

Lauren's favorite part about working at A DOG'S LIFE is the dogs. She loves coming into work and seeing the dogs happy faces. When asked about it she said "I feel so lucky that I get to see all these dog's every day. I love their personalities and excitement and the puppy hugs." She loves the bonds that she creates with each dog. She loves her coworkers. She loves the friendly, fun, and happy environment they help create for the dogs.

Lauren is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






Playgroup Leader, CPCT
Team Member since July 8, 2013

Melissa was born in Santa Clara, although she spent most of her life in Virginia with a Miniature Schnauzer and a couple Beagles. She has been back in the Bay Area for about 9 years, and is currently residing in South San Jose. She has always been interested in animal welfare issues and dog behavior. One day she would like to be a dog trainer and work at rescue facilities helping animals become more adoptable. Her favorite thing about daycare, other than all the Beagles, "Getting to practice my dog training skills while getting lost of love!"

Melissa is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






Playgroup Leader, CPCT
Team Member since August 21, 2013

Deanna was born in Germany but raised in Macomb, Michigan. Before A DOG'S LIFE, she worked with animals by volunteering at animal shelters. She also participated in training by doing agility and got her pup, Issabella, Canine Good Citizen Certified. Other than Isabella, Deanna spends time with her 2 cats, Slinky and Miso. She's currently working on a Veterinary Technician degree and hope to one day be a Veterinarian. Deanna enjoys hiking, wine-tasting and video games. When asked what she likes about working at ADL she responded with "Getting to know the individual personalities and the learning experience".

Deanna is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






Playgroup Leader
Team Member since September 17, 2013

Chelsea grew up in a small town in North East Texas call Aledo with horses, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and a Golden Retriever. Before moving to the Bay Area, she was a docent at Utah Hogle Zoo and volunteered at a Humane Society. She is currently finishing up her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and hopes to continue her education to one day become a Veterinarian. When Chelsea is not enjoying the outdoors hiking, she loves photography, reading and cooking. She currently has a 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback named Titan who enjoys coming to daycare and ADL classes! "I look forward to coming to work every day. We have a great staff and I get to spend my day caring for dogs that never cease to entertain me…"






Playgroup Leader
Team Member since October 7, 2013






Playgroup Leader
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Playgroup Leader
Team Member since June, 2014

Bree grew up in San Jose, surrounded by her family and friend's cats, dogs, birds and rats. She loves music, concerts, long boarding, video games and going to the beach. She currently lives with 7 cats, all her family and boyfriend's except one, her Bengal mix Finn. She has not decided what she would like to do in the future, but she would like to continue with a career path that continues to let her work with animals.

"My favorite part of working at ADL is getting to spend my days with all the pups and learning new things about each and every one of their personalities. Being with them all definitely makes up for me not being able to have my own dog right now. My favorite part about dogs is how smart they are, and the unconditional love they give!"






Playgroup Leader
Team Member since June, 2014






Playgroup Leader
Team Member since June, 2014






Overnight Attendant, Playgroup Leader, CPCT
Team Member since May 28, 2009

Whether it is for animals, or people, Ami wants nothing more than to help! Her future goal is to become a surgeon who travels the world, providing care for those in need. Presently a student of both De Anza College and Foothill College, she plans on transferring to a four-year university, where she can major in Biology and prepare for medical school. This desire to care for others extends to animals as well, since Ami has worked in several shelters throughout the Bay Area. In one such shelter, the San Jose Animal Care Center, Ami helped socialize, train, and track the progress of dogs in attendance. When she is not walking dogs in her free time or visiting museums around the world to experience new cultures, Ami enjoys wildlife photography, reading, hiking, playing basketball, and spending time with family and friends.

Due to allergies in one of her family members, Ami is not able to have any pets of her own. Because of this, she looks to A DOG'S LIFE for her opportunity to interact with animals. She claims, "Working at A DOG'S LIFE gives me so much happiness and pleasure. I am very fortunate to work with such amazing animals." Ami seems to be truly touched by the dogs she sees each day, saying also, "I admire how dogs find happiness in the smallest things. I value the loyalty and joy they provide every minute, and I am thankful that they can put a smile on my face."

Ami is a Certified Pet Care Technician through the Pet Care Services Association.

November 2009 (MP)





Groomer, CPCT
Team Member since February 28, 2008

Melissa was born in Mountain View, but grew up in San Jose with her grandparents, mom, dad, younger sister, her first German Shepard, Hiedi, and her first cat Mr. Strawberry. She attended Branham High School and graduated in 1979. Melissa has two great kids—one punk rocker starting his junior year at Branham High School and mechanical studies at CCOC, along with an academic overachieving daughter who is a 1L at University of San Francisco Law School.

Melissa started her pet career grooming her parents Lhasa Apsos and then started her formal grooming career at the Foxy Hound in Los Gatos in the late 1970s. A groomer for over 30 years, Melissa has worked for private grooming shops, mobile grooming companies, corporate and private veterinary clinics, and even owned her own shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she lived for almost ten years.

Melissa has worked for ADL in the past and is incredibly pleased to be back! She was Palo Alto's lobby host from January 2008 until May 2009, where she was also able to groom! Her favorite dog is still Steve, the Corgi/Shiba-Inu mix at Palo Alto, but looks forward to meeting the dogs of Sunnyvale! During the week, Melissa works at Microsoft as a cashier but is really excited to be a groomer for ADL. Dogs continue to be her greatest passion and she hopes to bring her years of knowledge to the grooming clients of ADL!

Melissa is restarting her life and she is trying to find her way and knows that the animals will lead her in the right direction.

Melissa is a Certified Pet Care Technician through the Pet Care Services Association.

September 2008 (PA)