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Lindsey grew up in Connecticut, and while she and her family spent a lot of time moving around when she was a child, as long as the family pets were with them, it was home. Lindsey relocated to California toward the end of 2008, and that is when she found A DOG'S LIFE. She plans on going to school for Environmental Sciences and Paralegal Study.

Prior to relocating, Lindsey worked at a boarding kennel. She enjoyed the time she had with the dogs, but wanted to work with them regularly, and in a group. Finding ADL was perfect for her!

Lindsey has 3 cats (a Calico named Cricket, a Tabby named Mika, and a Manx named Bubba), and a dog named Bandit, who came into her life through ADL. In her spare time, Lindsey likes to dance, write and travel. She is also a member of the Felidae Foundation, which helps protect wild cats.

Lindsey says her favorite part of working at ADL is "building relationships with our daycare dogs, watching them learn and grow. They become a regular part of my life, and keep me laughing all day."

Lindsey is an Advanced Certified Pet Care Technician through the Pet Care Services Association and has received a Certificate of Completion of CParf's Pet First Aid and CPR course.

December 2008, January 2009, March 2009, January 2010, November 2010 and April 2012





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Cody was born and raised in San Jose, California. She is currently attending De Anza Community college, with a double major in Business and Behavioral Science.

While growing up she was always surrounded by animals. She grew up with dogs, cats and even rabbits. Always being surrounded by pets while growing up let her realize how much she enjoyed spending time with them and learning from them. Currently, she and her boyfriend have a pomeranian named Cooper, a cattledog mix named Seamus, who she found through ADL.

Outside of work, she loves spending time with her dogs and taking them on small trips. She also enjoys drawing, photography, modeling and culinary endeavors.

Before working at ADL, she worked at another daycare and boarding facility and loved it. That's when she came to ADL. One of her favorite things about working at ADL is getting to know each dogs personality and constantly being able to learn with them.

Cody is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE and has received a Certificate of Completion of CParf's Pet First Aid and CPR course.

January 2012





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Naadia grew up here in the Bay Area in San Jose. She's going to Evergreen Valley College to get her degree in Biology to become a Veterinarian. She would also like to become an Animal Behaviorist and open her own rescue for any and all animals. She grew up with animals in her home - dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, rats, snakes - you name it! By the age of 5 Naadia had her very own puppy, who recently passed away.

Before working at ADL, her animal experience included volunteering with local animal rescues and volunteering at the San Jose Animal Care Center. Her interests outside of work and dogs are: hanging out with family and friends, going on walks with her dogs, and Tahitian dancing. She also enjoys fostering whenever she gets the chance. Animals are basically a part of her life; she can't get enough of them even outside of work!

She currently owns five dogs - Nia, the Yorkie mix; Puppy, the Pitbull; Big Bear, the Mastiff; Princess, the Chihuahua; and Abby, the Pointer mix. Not only does she own five dogs but she also owns three cats and one Bearded Dragon. Her favorite part about working at ADL is the dogs of course! She loves how each dog has their own personality and everyday they surprise with something new. "Working with dogs is something I always wanted to do and finding ADL was perfect for me. I learn something new every day at work!" She also enjoys her co-workers. They've been nothing but helpful and supportive, especially with her being the new kid on the block. She looks forward to everything ADL has in store for her.

Naadia is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE and has received a Certificate of Completion of CParf's Pet First Aid and CPR course.

July 2012





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Cady Ray has been with A DOG'S LIFE since February, 2011. She grew up in San Jose and went to Foothill college for her general education. She plans on re-enrolling in the future for the Veterinary Technician program. Prior to working at ADL, Cady has had a lot of experience working with a variety of animals. She was involved in wild life rescue for orphaned and injured wildlife and worked with a variety of animals including humming birds, squirrels, ducks and geese, possums, coyotes, bobcats, hawks and owls. She also worked at a Vet hospital and worked with dogs and cats, rodents, birds, reptiles including 70lb Monitors and 14ft boas, horses and goats, chickens and live stock. With all of her experience working with animals, its no wonder she wants to eventually build a career working with them. She says, "whether its vet, rescue or animal services, I'm sure I'll love it!"

Cady's pets include a Quarter Horse mare (Sugar), a Welsh mix pony (Lucky), an Arab Pony (Dora), a Silkie Rooster (big), 5 cats (Mojo, Helena, Ashes, Fiona, Coal), a Chocolate Lab (Bosco), and a Guinea pig (Kiss). She says that most of the time she is not at work, she is "usually spending time riding my horses and living the country life which involves a lot of chores. It takes a lot of work to keep up with so many animals." She also enjoys photography, mainly of animals of course!

Cady's enthusiasm shows here at ADL. "I love that my job involves being with dogs all day. I love playing with, training, and giving love to the day care dogs, each dog has it's own unique personality and its been such a blast watching them come out and develop. The staff is great too, every one takes the time to get to know each dog in order to ensure it has the best experience possible. It's great to work at facility that holds itself to such high standards and works hard to stay that way."

Cady is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE and has received a Certificate of Completion of CParf's Pet First Aid and CPR course.

March 2011





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Dana grew up in San Jose, CA. With a stop in Windsor along the way, she landed in Redding when she was 12 years old. She finds herself back in the bay area with an opportunity to live with her sister, while she attends Foothill College. She is focused on her general education, with hopes of transferring and eventually pursuing a career in exotic animal training.

Dana has always had a love for animals. She got her first dog at the age of 7, which is also when she started horseback riding. " That's when it all started", says Dana. She's worked with all sorts of livestock such as pigs, horses and chickens. She has a family dog back home, an Akita named Tahoe.

Prior to finding A DOG'S LIFE, she worked at Haven Humane Society back in Redding. She loved working with their "Camp Love a Pet Program", which brought 16 kids and 16 dogs together for 2 weeks of camp. " Its a great way to get the community involved. It helps educate the kids, and makes the dogs more adoptable".

When Dana isn't working or studying, her hobbies include reading, spending time with her sister and most passionately, horseback riding. She has competed in dressage, stadium jumping and cross country events.

"There's a calming aspect of working with animals ", says Dana about working at ADL. " Having the ability to understand them, and they understand you. There's a common connection that creates a special bond."

Dana is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






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Growing up in Newark, CA, Patrick wanted nothing more than to become an animal cop. After working at a number of other dog daycare's, volunteering at the SPCA and working with kids at the local community shelter, Patrick finally found ADL. " I really enjoy the staff at ADL, and the training techniques we use. The dogs are really fun and well behaved, the staff is too! "

Patrick enjoys playing the bass guitar, drums and doing vocals with a band. He is currently attending Wyotech, in hopes of pursuing a career as an automotive technician.

Along with his passion for animals, cars and music, Patrick is also a football fanatic. The only thing that tops football, is spending time with his 6yr old Dogo Argentino, Zues, the "love of his life".

Patrick is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






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Meagan was born, raised and resides in San Jose, CA. In elementary school she began raising chickens and got her first dog. Upon entering middle school, Meagan joined the 4-H, taking classes on chickens, rabbits and horses. She even started showing rabbits through 4-H. Also during middle school, Meagan volunteered at the Humane Society, and soon after began fostering dogs. As she moved onto Westmont High School, Meagan joined the FFA, and learned about many different farm animals. " I raised, trained and showed my pigs on my own", says Meagan.

Meagan has 2 dogs, Kona (1.5 year old border collie mix), Paisley (8 month old black lab/hound mix), and a cockatiel named Elvis (10 years old).

Outside of working at ADL, Meagan loves to go on family trips with her dogs to the beach in Santa Cruz. She also loves cooking for her family and their pets. Meagan plans to get her culinary degree and work in a restaurant, using locally grown produce as well as humanely raised meat products.

Meagan says , "My favorite thing about dogs is their extremely different personalities. Each dog has a way to make you smile and happy."

Meagan is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






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Emily was born in San Francisco, and after moving to different Bay Area cities every few years since, she is now living in Los Gatos. Growing up, Emily would spend her summers with relatives in Bryan, Texas.

"Growing up I had a wide array of animals. Including dogs, cats, fish, hamsters, rats, rabbits, snakes, lizards, and chickens. I have also fostered quite a few dogs over the years.", says Emily. She currently has a crazy black cat, appropriately named "Banshee".

Emily plans on studying animal behavior and business, in order to start her own dog sanctuary or rescue. This special place would specialize in hard to place dogs, providing either training to be adoptable, or a safe place to live out the rest of their lives if they aren't adoptable.

Prior to finding A DOG'S LIFE, Emily volunteered at a veterinary office, and ARF in Walnut Creek.

Outside work, Emily enjoys going out to the country and riding ATVs or rock crawling, riding horses, and shooting skeet.

" I love working with the dogs at ADL!" says Emily. " I enjoy watching them learn and grow, seeing all the different personalities of all the dogs and seeing how they all interact together. I've learned so much working here and I don't think there will be a day I don't learn something new."

Emily is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






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