Owner, CTC

Keith is a Mountain View, California native. He spent many weekends and summer days playing at his grandparents' farm in Palo Alto, formerly located across the street from Ming's Restaurant. He always grew up with dogs, and like many children, begged and pleaded with his parents to get a puppy. Keith feels fortunate to always have had a dog in his life. He even adopted an American Eskimo puppy, "Mo" during his semester break in college so he could have a dog with him all the time.

After finishing his college degree, he worked in the Valley for over 17 years in both the biotech and hi tech industries, in sales and recruiting. Keith's life changed when his dog, "Kimo" a rescue from the Humane Society of Silicon Valley started attending doggie daycare. He got to see first hand what a positive impact supervised dog-dog socialization, exercise and mental stimulation had on him. Keith would often find himself reflecting on a wonderful service doggie daycare is to both humans and their canine companions.

After much reflection, he took a hiatus from hi tech and entered Jean Donaldson's Academy for Dog Trainers. Keith worked with Jean, learning about dog behavior and training with the goal to develop the most comprehensive doggie daycare in the industry. After completing his Certificate in Canine Training and Counseling, he opened "A DOG'S LIFE, Owner Resource Center and Dog Spa" in April of 2004. "I am very proud of our incredible staff, and I am blessed with wonderful clients. Our unique approach focuses on an outstanding experience for all of our clients. We view our two and four legged clients as family."

ADL really is a Labor of Love for Keith. Not only did he want to develop the best place possible for client to take their pooches, but he also was very focused on creating jobs and careers for aspiring and passionate dog lovers. Keith's philosophy is A DOG'S LIFE should be a self sustaining business giving back to his staff, clients and the community. This goal was achieved in 2005, after 1 year of operations. Keith does not believe that he should be making a living from A DOG'S LIFE, thus he has a career outside of ADL. However, Keith stays involved on a daily basis with coaching and directing the management team to help make sure that A DOG'S LIFE continues to be the premier place for dogs and their people.




Assistant Manager of Operations, CPCT
Team Member since February 4, 2011

Cady Ray has been with A DOG'S LIFE since February, 2011. She grew up in San Jose and went to Foothill college for her general education. She plans on re-enrolling in the future for the Veterinary Technician program. Prior to working at ADL, Cady has had a lot of experience working with a variety of animals. She was involved in wild life rescue for orphaned and injured wildlife and worked with a variety of animals including humming birds, squirrels, ducks and geese, possums, coyotes, bobcats, hawks and owls. She also worked at a Vet hospital and worked with dogs and cats, rodents, birds, reptiles including 70lb Monitors and 14ft boas, horses and goats, chickens and live stock. With all of her experience working with animals, its no wonder she wants to eventually build a career working with them. She says, "whether its vet, rescue or animal services, I'm sure I'll love it!"

Cady's pets include a Quarter Horse mare (Sugar), a Welsh mix pony (Lucky), an Arab Pony (Dora), a Silkie Rooster (big), 5 cats (Mojo, Helena, Ashes, Fiona, Coal), a Chocolate Lab (Bosco), and a Guinea pig (Kiss). She says that most of the time she is not at work, she is "usually spending time riding my horses and living the country life which involves a lot of chores. It takes a lot of work to keep up with so many animals." She also enjoys photography, mainly of animals of course!

Cady's enthusiasm shows here at ADL. "I love that my job involves being with dogs all day. I love playing with, training, and giving love to the day care dogs, each dog has it's own unique personality and its been such a blast watching them come out and develop. The staff is great too, every one takes the time to get to know each dog in order to ensure it has the best experience possible. It's great to work at facility that holds itself to such high standards and works hard to stay that way."

Cady is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE and has received a Certificate of Completion of CParf's Pet First Aid and CPR course.

March 2011





Lead, CPCT
Team Member since July 18, 2012

Ashley has adored animals her whole life. She grew up in the south bay and always had dogs and cats. She currently owns two American Tabby cats named Oliver and Stinkers. Her family also includes a Pit bull mix named Tai and a Betta fish named Kaizer. In addition to spending time with animals, Ashley loves being out in nature. She enjoys going on adventures in the mountains and creeks.

Ashley's ultimate career goal is to do something she loves. She doesn't want work to feel like a burden, but rather something she looks forward to each day. Since Ashley enjoys animals she hopes to find a career in humane law enforcement and is currently attending Mission College. At A DOG'S LIFE, Ashley enjoys interacting with the dogs and helping to ensure each one has a great time at daycare. From working with the dogs and learning more about them, to her interactions with her coworkers, Ashley says, "I absolutely love everything about my job!"

Ashley is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.

November 2012





Playgroup Leader, CPCT
Team Member since May 21, 2013

Before moving to Mountain View about year ago, Maeghan was born and raised in Connecticut with all kinds of animals! She had ferrets, chinchillas, snakes, lizards, turtles, cats and dogs. Before coming to A DOG'S LIFE, Maeghan worked in a retirement home with elderly and disabled people. She also worked at a Zoo in Florida! Maeghan currently has 2 large fish tanks, 3 cats and a dog named Bandit. Bandit enjoys going everywhere with Maeghan and has lots of doggie friends at A DOG'S LIFE! When Maeghan and Bandit are not hiking, sport fishing, or cooking, Maeghan enjoys finding new fishes and starting new fish tanks. She always looks for ways to be the best she can be in life, and hopes to one day pursue further career with animals or helping people. Maeghan believes that working with dogs is "good for the soul"! She says, "I love their silly, fun ways! Always puts a smile on my face! Always great to learn new things about dogs! Everyone who loves dogs should definitely have one. We can learn so much from our pets!

Meaghan is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






Playgroup Leader, CPCT
Team Member since May 24, 2013

Dana grew up in San Jose, CA. With a stop in Windsor along the way, she landed in Redding when she was 12 years old. She finds herself back in the bay area with an opportunity to live with her sister, while she attends Foothill College. She is focused on her general education, with hopes of transferring and eventually pursuing a career in exotic animal training.

Dana has always had a love for animals. She got her first dog at the age of 7, which is also when she started horseback riding. " That's when it all started", says Dana. She's worked with all sorts of livestock such as pigs, horses and chickens. She has a family dog back home, an Akita named Tahoe.

Prior to finding A DOG'S LIFE, she worked at Haven Humane Society back in Redding. She loved working with their "Camp Love a Pet Program", which brought 16 kids and 16 dogs together for 2 weeks of camp. " Its a great way to get the community involved. It helps educate the kids, and makes the dogs more adoptable".

When Dana isn't working or studying, her hobbies include reading, spending time with her sister and most passionately, horseback riding. She has competed in dressage, stadium jumping and cross country events.

"There's a calming aspect of working with animals ", says Dana about working at ADL. " Having the ability to understand them, and they understand you. There's a common connection that creates a special bond."

Dana is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






Playgroup Leader
Team Member since September 17, 2013

Chelsea grew up in a small town in North East Texas call Aledo with horses, Rhodesian Ridgebacks, and a Golden Retriever. Before moving to the Bay Area, she was a docent at Utah Hogle Zoo and volunteered at a Humane Society. She is currently finishing up her Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and hopes to continue her education to one day become a Veterinarian. When Chelsea is not enjoying the outdoors hiking, she loves photography, reading and cooking. She currently has a 1 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback named Titan who enjoys coming to daycare and ADL classes! "I look forward to coming to work every day. We have a great staff and I get to spend my day caring for dogs that never cease to entertain me…"







Playgroup Leader, CPCT
Team Member since November 12, 2013

Meagan was born, raised and resides in San Jose, CA. In elementary school she began raising chickens and got her first dog. Upon entering middle school, Meagan joined the 4-H, taking classes on chickens, rabbits and horses. She even started showing rabbits through 4-H. Also during middle school, Meagan volunteered at the Humane Society, and soon after began fostering dogs. As she moved onto Westmont High School, Meagan joined the FFA, and learned about many different farm animals. " I raised, trained and showed my pigs on my own", says Meagan.

Meagan has 2 dogs, Kona (1.5 year old border collie mix), Paisley (8 month old black lab/hound mix), and a cockatiel named Elvis (10 years old).

Outside of working at ADL, Meagan loves to go on family trips with her dogs to the beach in Santa Cruz. She also loves cooking for her family and their pets. Meagan plans to get her culinary degree and work in a restaurant, using locally grown produce as well as humanely raised meat products.

Meagan says , "My favorite thing about dogs is their extremely different personalities. Each dog has a way to make you smile and happy."

Meagan is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






Senior Playgroup Leader
Team Member since February, 2014






Playgroup Leader
Team Member since April 10, 2014

Tanya is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






Playgroup Leader
Team Member since August 7, 2014

Alexis is a Certified Pet Care Technician through A DOG'S LIFE.






Playgroup Leader in training
Team Member since April 17, 2015






Playgroup Leader in training
Team Member since June 29, 2015






Playgroup Leader in training
Team Member since July 13, 2015






Groomer, CPCT
Team Member since February 28, 2008

Melissa was born in Mountain View, but grew up in San Jose with her grandparents, mom, dad, younger sister, her first German Shepard, Hiedi, and her first cat Mr. Strawberry. She attended Branham High School and graduated in 1979. Melissa has two great kids—one punk rocker starting his junior year at Branham High School and mechanical studies at CCOC, along with an academic overachieving daughter who is a 1L at University of San Francisco Law School.

Melissa started her pet career grooming her parents Lhasa Apsos and then started her formal grooming career at the Foxy Hound in Los Gatos in the late 1970s. A groomer for over 30 years, Melissa has worked for private grooming shops, mobile grooming companies, corporate and private veterinary clinics, and even owned her own shop in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she lived for almost ten years.

Melissa was ADL's lobby host from January 2008 until May 2009, where she was also able to groom! Her favorite dog is still Steve, the Corgi/Shiba-Inu mix! During the week, Melissa works at Microsoft as a cashier but is really excited to be a groomer for ADL. Dogs continue to be her greatest passion and she hopes to bring her years of knowledge to the grooming clients of ADL!

Melissa is restarting her life and she is trying to find her way and knows that the animals will lead her in the right direction.

Melissa is a Certified Pet Care Technician through the Pet Care Services Association.

September 2008 (PA)





ABC Certified Professional Groomer, CPCT
Team Member since March 10, 2010

Born and raised in San Jose, Tara has always loved animals. She joined the A DOG'S LIFE team in 2010 as a Playgroup Leader. In early 2012, Tara received her Professional Grooming Certificate through Animal Behavior College after extensive course work and over 100 hours of hands-on training with an ABC-approved professional groomer. She transferred to Palo Alto as our groomer in early 2013. While continuing with school to pursue a graphic arts degree, she enjoys being a part of the A DOG'S LIFE team. She has worked several grooming positions, but says the clients and their pets in Palo Alto have been the best she's worked with by far. Her favorite part of working at A DOG'S LIFE is how dedicated every staff member is to working with each dog, making sure they are active, learning, safe, and comfortable. She also likes getting to know each dog individually and to see them progress.

Outside of work Tara, enjoys painting, drawing, and the company of her dogs, Sasha the Chow and Roxy the Pug. She loves to give Sasha different hair styles and experiment with creative grooming. Tara believes that every dog deserves to look and feel their best, and loves to find a way to make each dog's grooming experience a success!

Tara is a Certified Pet Care Technician through the Pet Care Services Association and has received a Certificate of Completion of CParf's Pet First Aid and CPR course.

August 2010