This program is designed to help owners of reactive dogs who bark, growl, or lunge at other dogs while on leash. Some reactive dogs are fearful, while others are friendly but get frustrated when they aren't allowed to greet the dogs they encounter. These dogs need to build confidence, focus, and self-control in the presence of other dogs, and the Growly Dog Program is designed with those goals in mind.

The first step in joining the Growly Dog Program is to fill out our on-line evaluation form. The evaluation provides important information to help assess your dog's suitability for the program. Once your evaluation form is received, you will be contacted by our Growly Dog Program trainer to discuss your dog's situation. If the Growly Dog Program is a good match for you and your dog, you can enroll. Classes are small and designed to help owners and dogs build the foundation needed for safe, fun and confident outings. We will help you understand why your dog is reacting and give you the tools and strategies to manage in an uncontrolled environment. We will coach you on how to practically apply these skills in real world situations, so you can confidently manage your dog in the presence of other dogs.

PLEASE NOTE: The Growly Dog Program is designed for dogs who are reactive on leash. If your dog also shows signs of aggression on leash towards humans, or shows aggression off-leash towards dogs or humans, please call us for private behavior training.

Program package: $425 for 6 group sessions and a copy of "Feisty Fido" by Patricia McConnell (one hour each)

If you are interested in joining our Growly Dog Program, please contact us by filling out the ON-LINE FORM to set up your evaluation.