We all are increasingly busy these days. Demanding careers, attending ballgames and recitals, driving the kids from school to practice and finally back home to help with homework can be overwhelming. I know I am forgetting something... Oh, I forget the family dinner!  We seem to have very little time for family, friends and our beloved pets. Taking our furry companions for daily walks, play sessions, and obedience classes seem to never get done as much as we want and try.

A DOG'S LIFE believes that having a four legged companion in your household should not only be fun but enriching for all. Dogs teach us valuable lessons regarding friendship, loyalty and being happy with the little things. We want this to be your reality. We take the time to know and love your pup as an extended family.

We provide you with peace of mind while our experienced Playgroup Leaders lead your dog through a structured day of dog and people socialization, exercise, play, one-on-one care, and a little rest and relaxation with personalized naptimes. Our custom indoor/outdoor daycare facilities are divided into separate play areas for small dogs, medium dogs, and large dogs. All dogs have regular access to play outdoors and can even take a dip in the pooch pool on warm days.

Your dog must:

  *Pass our temperament evaluation.
  *Lived in their current home for at least 1 month.
  *Be at least 5 months old, and must be spayed or neutered. (All puppies must be        altered by 6 months of age).
  *People and dog friendly.
  *Proof from your dog’s veterinarian of current Distemper/Parvo combo, Rabies and    Bordatella (Canine Cough) vaccinations, and must be using a flea treatment

  *All dogs MUST be on leash when brought to A DOG'S LIFE.

  *All dogs that come to A DOG'S LIFE for daycare, boarding or training that are       recovering from and/or taking antibiotics for an illness or infection must also have     written clearance from their vet stating that the dog is safe to be around other dogs     (i.e. is not contagious).

 **We are proud to share that while several daycares closed due to   extensive outbreaks of Dog Flu this winter, we  worked quickly and diligently   advising our clients while applying extensive cleaning protocols.

 UPDATE: A DOG'S LIFE had 0 cases of Dog Flu in 2018. 

EVALUATION - Always free!

HALF DAY (up to 5 hours) 
single dog - $41   additional dog - $36

single dog - $52    additional dog - $45

5 DAY PACKAGE (save $20)
             single dog - $240  additional dog - $205

10 DAY PACKAGE(save $55) 
           single dog - $465  additional dog - $400

20 DAY PACKAGE(save $170)
         single dog - $870  additional dog - $755

MONTH MEMBERSHIP(save up to $260)
        single dog - $750  additional dog - $660

** Our packages DO NOT have an expiration date