PUPPY THRU ADULT: Development & Obedience

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This is a complete training track for dogs who are beginning their obedience training as pups, finishing as adults.


Puppy Socials offer a safe environment to further socialize your puppy starting during that critical 10-16 week socialization window. Your puppy will play with other pups to hone their social skills and work on their bite inhibition. This is not a dog park - all sessions are closely monitored and supervised by qualified trainers. Pups must be 16 weeks or younger, or currently in a level 1 puppy class, when attending their first social. If pups remain social, they may attend indefinitely no matter how old.

PLEASE NOTE: To meet the goals of puppy socials, priority entry will always be given to the youngest puppies.


  • Pups must be under 16 weeks of age or in a level 1 puppy class when they attend their first social, but may continue to attend indefinitely, as long as they remain friendly and social. Priority entry will always be given to younger puppies.
  • Bring proof of at least the first vaccination with you to your first social. Pups must be a minimum of two weeks past their first vaccination.
  • Guardian over 18 years of age must accompany puppy

$15 walk-in per dog. Payable to instructor at the door. NO NEED TO REGISTER.


  • On-time arrival is required to avoid disruptions. Space may be limited. Socials will be closed to latecomers and will be closed when room is full.
  • Bring a few yummy treats for your pup and a non-spill water bottle. For safety of all dogs, please bring pup on flat collar (no metal or slip collars; harnesses must be removed during play).
  • The puppy socials are intended as a safe place for friendly pups to socialize and develop good skills. They are not an environment to work on already existing behavior problems. Socials are not appropriate for every dog and the trainers on duty are qualified to make that assessment if necessary. Trainers reserve the right to excuse any pup from socials for any reason.


  • In SUNNYVALE, ongoing every Sunday, at 9:30 AM with Peggy McCarty instructing.
  • In SUNNYVALE, ongoing every Sunday, at 10:30 AM with Peggy McCarty instructing.
  • In PALO ALTO, please note: At this time we will no longer be able to hold Puppy Socials at this location. Please check back for future announcements and feel free to join our socials at our Sunnyvale location. Thank you for your understanding.






PUPPY 1 (Socialization and Basic Obedience)

The experiences your pup has during the first 16 weeks of life, known as the "Socialization" period, will lay the foundation for future behavior. Young puppies that are exposed in a positive manner to numerous people, sounds, and to the world in general, will result in well-socialized, less fearful, adult dogs. Off- leash playtime with other pups in their same developmental period gives them a chance to develop good dog-to-dog social skills and to learn good bite inhibition (ability to control the force of their bite). Puppy 1 includes sit, down, stay, settle, come, leave it, and leash manners. Additional topics include: housetraining, alone training, chewing, biting, and body handling so they are comfortable at the vets and groomers.



PLEASE NOTE: Puppy 1 is a five-week Level 1 course, 50-55 minutes each week, and pup should attend all classes with you and/or your entire family. Enrollment includes a free puppy book and weekly homework assignments.


  • Puppy must be 16 weeks of age or younger by the start date of class
  • Puppy must be 10 days past their initial vaccination for Distemper/Parvo.
  • Proof of first vaccinations

$160 (ADL members)







PUPPY 2 (Intermediate Obedience)

Puppy 2 is for graduates of Puppy 1 class. It is designed for the quickly emerging adolescent. The behaviors covered in Puppy 1 will be refined and improved in Puppy 2. Special emphasis will be placed on motivating your dog so you get quicker responses to your commands, better recalls, stays with distractions and walking nicely on a leash. New skills (go to "place," Emergency Recall, variations on heeling, distance commands, etc.) will be taught. This is the "juvenile" stage in your dog's life when their reliability tends to wane. This class will help keep both you and your dog on track as you navigate this frequently-challenging time.

PLEASE NOTE: Puppy 2 is a five-week Level 2 course, 50-55 minutes each week, and your pup should attend all classes with you.


  • Completion of Puppy 1 at A DOG'S LIFE or proof of another off-leash Puppy 1
  • All puppies must be under 12 months of age and have remained socialized to dogs and people
  • Proof of current, age appropriate vaccinations

$160 (ADL members)








Level 3 Obedience is designed for graduates of an A DOG'S LIFE Adult 2 or Puppy 2 class. This is because A DOG'S LIFE Level 2 classes cover more behaviors than a typical level 2 class at other companies and we want you to be successful in Level 3. (If you think you might qualify even though you have not taken a Level 2 with us, please contact our Director of Training to make that determination.) Level 3 Obedience is designed to sharpen up and proof all those skills learned in our Level 2 classes. New skills, such as responding to commands from a distance and out-of-sight stays, will also be learned.

PLEASE NOTE: Level 3 Obedience is a five-week course, 50- 55 minutes each week, and your dog should attend all classes with you.


  • Completion of Adult 2 or Puppy 2 at A DOG'S LIFE
  • Dog must be dog and people friendly
  • Proof of current vaccinations

$160 (ADL members)







All dogs that come to A DOG'S LIFE for daycare, boarding or training that are recovering from and/or taking antibiotics for an illness or infection must also have written clearance from their vet stating that the dog is safe to be around other dogs (i.e. is not contagious).